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Level 1 Implementation Checklist for a Classroom Setting

Read It Once Again’s teaching strategies instruct teachers to repeat stories and rhymes based on the individual needs of their students and bring vocabulary and story content into every activity.


If you intend to use this curriculum in the classroom setting, our research study determined that there are certain activities found within each curriculum unit that should be repeated as indicated in order for the curriculum to have maximum success.

This checklist is designed to help educators identify which activities should be repeated so that story content and related vocabulary are woven into all aspects of learning.

Activity Description

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Send parent letter to introduce unit (once at the beginning of the unit)
Add story props to dramatic corner  (change, rotate or add)As appropriate
Read curriculum unit storybook emphasizing a variety of cognitive concepts and vocabulary as appropriate.  Daily
Recite Mother Goose rhyme using sequencing cardsDaily
Review Mother Goose rhymes from previous unitsDaily
Paint object/character from story emphasizingobject/character name and color usedDaily
Story extension activityDaily
Fine Motor Activity related to storyDaily
Gross Motor Activity related to storyDaily
Cognitive Activity related to storyDaily
Music or rhymes related to the story (in addition to Mother Goose)Daily
Snack or foods related to the story (Adaptive Skills)At least two times a week
Packet Day activity to conclude unitOnce at the end of the unit
Parent letter with child assessment informationOnce at the end of the unit
At the end of the unit, child receives an identical copy of the storybook  (or teacher made storybook using the sequencing cards from each unit) that has been read each day throughout the unit*



*Order children’s storybooks directly from Scholastic Literacy Partners Program at    1-800-387-1437


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