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Benefits - Children in Early Childhood and 4K Classrooms


Read It Once Again Benefits Children in Early Childhood and 4K Classrooms

What do high school dropout rates have to do with providing foundational skills in early childhood and 4k classrooms?



Read It Once Again strongly supports the fact that children who are successful in kindergarten will have a greater chance of graduating from high school.

Many of our young children are entering kindergarten without the basic foundational skills needed for higher academic learning.  As a result, some children fall through the cracks in elementary and middle schools resulting in a high rate of high school dropouts.

Combining our Level 1 and Level 2 curriculums will provide essential concepts and skills necessary for young children to enter kindergarten with a solid educational foundation and ready to acquire higher forms of academic learning.

Language skills are embedded into all of the domains in both Level 1 and Level 2 Units.  Read It Once Again ensures that your children will be constantly immersed into a language rich environment.


What is included in each Level 1 Unit?

What is included in every Level 2 Unit?


Our literacy based activities reinforce basic foundational concepts and are systematically offered in a variety of literacy based lessons throughout every unit and in each domain.  Young children learn best when the environment and teaching strategies are solidly predictable with elements of creativity and exploration woven in to each day.

Other early childhood curriculums may touch on beginning basic skills, but Read It Once Again uses rhyme, rhythm and repetition in our units as a strategy to ensure that there is an intentional, extended focus on the most basic skills necessary for future academic success.  Research has proven that having a firm understanding of these basic essential skills is necessary to achieve educational success in higher academic learning.

Read It Once Again provides prekindergarten children with foundational skills that will fully prepare them for success in kindergarten.


Boy is excited about holding a book in his handsWhich units would you recommend for my typically developing children?

We suggest a combination of both Level 1 and Level 2 units. At the beginning of the school year you will want to use Level 1 units to ensure that your children have solidly mastered the most basic foundational skills.  Activities in Level 2 units can be introduced whenever your children are ready to comprehend higher levels of learning.  Click here to see our Level 1 Skills and Concepts matrix.  Click here to view our Level 2 Skills and Concepts matrix.

We suggest choosing our Package 6 deal.  Package 6 includes nine units for the price of eight.  It allows you to mix and match any of our Level 1 and Level 2 units.  Click here for more Package 6 Information.

We also offer a “Doubles Discount.”  This allows you to purchase any Level 1 and Level 2 unit of the same title for only $90.  Click here to order.




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