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Curriculum-Based Assessment

Assesses mastery of foundational skills based on
Read It Once Again Level 1 Curriculum Units

Read It Once Again Curriculum Based Assessment is designed to assess mastery of foundational skills necessary for successful participation in an age-appropriate preschool curriculum.  The assessment is based on typical early readiness skills and may be used to inform instruction.

Easily assesses the 20 foundational skills necessary for language development.

This assessment tool will:

  1. Assess child’s language skills
  2. Inform therapist/teacher instruction
  3. Identify when children are ready for Read It Once Again Level 2 units or other curriculums designed for typically developing children

Assessment Part 1

Curriculum Based Assessment ToolQuestions 1-15 on this assessment are based on foundational skills found in Read It Once Again Level 1 units.  Level 1 units provide language based activities organized into these five domains:

  • Speech and Language
  • Cognitive
  • Motor
  • Daily Living
  • Socialization

Assessment Part 2

Questions 16-20 assess the child’s application and generalization of the specific foundational skills (1-15). If the child is able to complete 4/5 (80%) of these  items, he/she will have the language skills necessary to participate in Read It Once Again Level 2 units which provide language based activities organized into these five domains:

  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Creative Writing

Teacher Working with Kids on Reading Skills

Both Level 1 and Level 2 units contain activities based on preschool milestones. Level 1 units provide activities addressing foundational skills that are a prerequisite for success in Level 2 units which require more advanced language skills.

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20 Foundational Speech and Language Skills Necessary for Early Learning Success Based on Read It Once Again Level 1 Curriculum Units

  1. Label objects
  2. Repeat familiar words and phrases
  3. Sequence stories and experiences
  4. super hero 20 Demonstrate visual discrimination
  5. Match, sort, and name shapes
  6. Match, sort, and name colors
  7. Identify numbers
  8. Demonstrate number concepts
  9. Repeat, extend and predict patterns
  10. Demonstrate visual memory skills
  11. Recognize and create rhyming words
  12. Demonstrate knowledge of big and little
  13. Demonstrate knowledge of same and different
  14. Classify objects
  15. Understand positional words
  16. Answer “Wh” questions
  17. Predict what comes next
  18. Follow three step directions
  19. Demonstrate understanding of abstract concepts
  20. Retell a story or experience
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