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Level 2 Curriculum


Read It Once Again Level 2 units concentrate on a higher level of foundational skills. Our Level 2 units combined with our Level 1 units ensure that young children will have a solid knowledge of foundational skills and be prepared for success in the kindergarten setting.

Our Level 2 units provide higher academic learning activities.  Combining our original units with our Level 2 units will provide a complete curriculum of skills and activities that will:  Prepare children to be successful in kindergarten.


Level 2 units focus on:

  • Phonemic Awareness (letter recognition, rhyming, sight words)
  • Higher Math Skills (number concepts to 30, measuring,  addition)
  • Science (simple investigations, predictions, conclusions)
  • Creative Writing (drawing, dictating and writing ideas)
  • Social Studies (community helpers and services, self and others)



What is included in each Level 2 Unit?

Each unit is structured in this format.


1.   Introduction: 

Teaching strategies and guidance for implementing each unit

2.  Phonemic Awareness

Lower/Upper case alphabet letters, sight words from the story, rhyming words

3.   Math                 

Number identification, simple addition and subtraction, graphing, measuring

4.   Science

Simple investigations, predict outcomes, understand properties can change, recording and journaling

5.   Creative Writing

Use imagination to expand on concepts, Use a combination of drawing, writing and dictation to express thoughts

 6.  Social Studies

Demonstrate good citizenship in the classroom, describe differences in people, families and dwellings, identify community helpers

7.   Parent Letters/Student Assessment:

Letters including goals and objectives to introduce and conclude the unit

8.   Assessment Tool:

Student achievement based on goals and objectives in each domain are monitored by a numbered rating scale.

Learn more about Curriculum Assessment and the assessment tool included with our units.

*** Color CD included with every unit

CD contains over 100 activities, parent letters, student assessment, lesson plans in word format, and printable graphics which teachers can manipulate in color or black and white which will decrease teacher prep time.  What is included on the CD?



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