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Instructions for Administering


Instructions for Administering
Read It Once Again Curriculum Based Assessment


Read It Once Again Curriculum Based Assessment is designed to assess mastery of foundational skills necessary for successful participation in an age-appropriate preschool curriculum.  The assessment is based on typical early readiness skills and may be used to inform instruction.  


1. Purpose of assessment – The purpose of this test is to assess the child’s readiness to participate in Read It Once Again Level 2 activities and/or preschool curriculums that require developmentally appropriate language skills.


2. Scoring – The test is divided into 2 parts.

Part 1 includes items 1-15. The child needs to score 12/15 (80%) on this section to continue on to Part 2.

Part 2 includes 5 test items 16-20. The child needs to score 4 /5 (80%).

Children who score 12/15 on Part 1 and 4/5 on Part 2 are demonstrating developmentally- appropriate language skills and are ready to begin participating in Level 2 Read It Once Again activities. They may also be ready to participate in other preschool curriculums that require developmentally-appropriate language skills.

Children who score below 12/15 on part 1 and below 4/5 on part 2 should continue to participate in the Level 1 Read It Once Again curriculum.


3. Time – This test should take approximately 20 minutes to administer. Allow about 1 minute per item.


4. Setting – Choose a quiet place with minimal distractions.


5. Examiner – The examiner should be familiar with the child as well as with all test items. This will help foster cooperative behavior from the child.


6. Prompts – Give prompts only as indicated for each test item. Be careful not to give any additional prompts or cues.


7. Rationale of Test Items – Reading and understanding the rationale for each test item will help the examiner to better administer this test, interpret child responses, and determine appropriate instruction.



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