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Silly Sally




Read It Once Again offers Curriculum Units and Interactive White Board activities based on the popular storybook, “Silly Sally” by Audrey Wood.

  • Available:  Level 1 curriculum unit, Level 2 curriculum unit, and Level 1 Interactive White Board Activities.  Select an individual product, combo or double deal.
  • The storybook is not included.  To purchase book please refer to our Scholastic Literacy Partners page.

Silly Sally
Storybook and Curriculum Unit Highlights:

  • Simple vocabulary and text
  • Rhyming text
  • Reinforces story-telling sequencing skills
  • Practices positional concepts
  • Simple humorous graphics
  • Animal identification
  • Good unit to use anytime during the school year


Silly Sally, Level 2 Highlights include:


Reading and Phonemic Awareness:

Alphabet Matching Game, Letter Wall Cards

Silly Sally’s Alphabet Cards

Off We Go To Rhyming Town

Silly Sally’s Favorite Words and Phrases

Neddy Buttercup Counts Syllables

I Can Trace and Print the Letters


Math Goals and Objectives:

Flowers in a Window Box

Numbers in a Window Box

Silly Sally’s Sandals, Find the Pairs

Sally’s Woolly Sheep Addition

Woolly Sheep Subtraction

Silly Sally Can Draw Shapes

Silly Sally Can Trace and Write Numbers


Science Goals and Objectives:

A Silly Sally Science Journal

What’s on the Science Table?

On the Move for a Week!

Neddy’s Garden of Facts


Creative Writing and Social Studies Goals and Objectives:

Silly Sally’s Creative Writing Prompts

My Home Town

Our Transportation to Town, A Class BookWe Built a Town! A Class Project

The Games People Play


Additional information

Product Options

Level 1 Curriculum Unit $50, Level 2 Curriculum Unit $50, IWB Level 1 $30, IWB Level 2 $30, Combo, Level 1 and IWB Level 1 $70, Combo, Level 2 and IWB Level 2 $70, Double Level 1 and Level 2 $90, Level 1 Replacement CD $10, Level 2 Replacement CD $10


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