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From Head to Toe




Read It Once Again offers Curriculum Units and Interactive White Board activities based on the popular storybook, “From Head to Toe” by Eric Carle.

    • Available: Level l curriculum unit, Level 2 curriculum unit, Level 1 and Level 2 Interactive White Board Activities. Select an individual product, combo, or double deal.
    • The storybook is not included.  To purchase book, please refer to our Scholastic Literacy Partners page.

From Head to Toe


Storybook and LEVEL 1 Curriculum Unit Highlights:

  • Teaches animal identification
  • Names body parts
  • Reinforces positive self esteem
  • Basic repetitive words and phrases
  • Encourages gross motor movements
  • Unit is appropriate for any time of the year


Storybook and LEVEL 2 Curriculum Unit Highlights:

  • Upper case/lower case; rhyming words; Creating Plurals – One or Many; Hungry for Colors – Color Words; Favorite Animal Sight Words
  • Number identification; simple addition and subtraction; Elephant Stomp to 100 – Counting to 100; Banana Bunches – Counting and Weighing
  • I Can Sense It – Using your Senses; Animal Facts; Science Journal
  • Creative Writing – if I Were a Bird, Where Would I Fly?; Writing Prompts – If I Lived in a ___ I would be a ___.
  • Encourages gross motor movements
  • All About Me Book; A Visit to the Zoo


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Level 1 Curriculum Unit $50, Level 2 Curriculum Unit $50, IWB Level 1 $30, IWB Level 2 $30, Combo, Level 1 and IWB Level 1 $70, Combo, Level 2 and IWB Level 2 $70, Double, Level 1 and Level 2 $90, Level 1 Replacement CD $10, Level 2 Replacement CD $10


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